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Subscribe to an SPVs with a Single Pane Experience Regardless of Asset Type or Class

Your time and attention are precious, especially once you know where you want to invest your capital whether that’s in real estate, a tech startup or in a secondary. Track the status of developing investments as well as on-going investments in one centralized location in your personal portal.


Why You'll Love Syndicately


Data Rooms

You’ll get access to data rooms where the SPV manager or the founder can upload pitch decks, diligence materials, founder memos, draft purchase agreements and any other materials in a secure location for your evaluation.  This central source of information is for each, unique SPV among all your investments to help you keep you informed and organized. 


Custom Investor On-boarding

Your investors can create pre-approved and KYC’d investment profiles.Then in just a few clicks they can submit their subscription, populate their subscription document form their selected profile, and finalize their commitment. At close, we compile final fees and can auto ACH funds into the SPV. Easy “Reminder” buttons allow you to quick remind your investors to complete all steps to finalize their investment.


Investor Prospecting

Depending on your interests, there may be several kinds of investments or investment teams and family offices or VC groups you are connected to. With prospecting categories, you can be tagged according to your specific investment interests by your network and easily added to deals when they come up to gauge your interest. It’s up to you if you’d like to commit or not, and for how much.


Automated Flow of Funds

After providing your basic credentials and information, Syndiactely does all heavy lifting and backend setup work to link your accounts for easy investment, and even easier payout.


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