Join us in shaping the future of fund administration

Be a part of the future of fund administration. If you're tired of using a fund administration solution that falls short of your expectations, Syndicately has the solution. We are building a next-generation fund admin platform, and we value your input to make it even better.

Here's what we are already working on as part of our fund administration platform:

  • Seamless fund formation and management, complete with integrated full-service banking capabilities.
  • Simplified LP onboarding and cap call management, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Enhanced fund communication tools that help you increase collaboration between yourself, your LPs, and your portfolio companies.

And this is just the beginning. We want to make sure that our platform is tailored to your needs, so we want to hear from you. What else do you want to see from a fund administration solution that isn't listed here?


Enhanced LP and Portfolio Communications

  • Shared data rooms and communication channels for greater LP-GP-Portfolio collaboration
  • Integrated email/text notifications so everyone is always alert to new updates and can provide input and feedback
Cap Calls

Streamlined Onboarding and Cap Call Management

  • Integrated banking allows for cap call management to be simple and transparent so you never need to bug your LPs again
  • Capturing onboarding details makes document signing, flow of funds, and other fund events a breeze

Citizen Mint was looking for a technical partner with a depth of experience and unique capabilities with private fund and deal execution capabilities. We found that with Syndicately. Working with the team and integrating our product has been extremely smooth due to their technical capabilities and the teams responsiveness.


Marshall Dunford

CTO @ Citizen Mint


Tens of Millions in AUM and counting

Syndicately's private deal and SPV automation platform has shown our ability to make the complex simple and straightforward. Our next mission is to do the same for the next generation of GPs and give them and their fund superpowers.

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