As a fund manager...

You want one place to effectively manage the many moving parts to your investments.

Syndicately provides that one place to launch, manage and track all of your one-off investments regardless of asset type or class.  


Features Managers Like Most


Entity Formation

Easily start a new SPV with Syndicately doing all of the heavy lifting of filing for LLC status, getting tax ID information, curating potential investor lists and creating a unique bank account for collection.  The dozens of hours you’ve spend pulling together different persons and paper work to create a new SPV are reduced to only a few.  While we do the work, we’ll keep you updated on each step’s progress and status.


Legal Document Management

Use either your existing operating documents loaded into our system or the Syndicately standard operating template with several customizable sections to suit your needs.  When using Syndicately, you’re able to track the status of each investor in completing the required documents to ensure you’re quickly moving the process forward.  If necessary, you can even send a reminder message via the platform.


Proprietary CRM

Track all your contacts and investors in one place and categorize them depending on their investment interests, investment parameters, qualifications for deals, etc.  Tag investors with filters to easily leverage during prospecting and interest gathering.


Auto-Calculated Accounting & Tax Fields

When it’s time for taxes and the delivery of K1s, our team can quickly provide them to you and your investors for every asset in your portfolio. Due to our proprietary infrastructure and established accounting partners, we can rapidly turn around the required documentation needed for filing in as fast as two days.


Automated Flow of Funds

With our established fintech partnerships and backend infrastructure, we’re able to create a seamless environment for collecting investments, payout to your target investment and payout for returns.


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