Our API platform provides a set of tools that allows third-parties to build or integrate private and alternative asset investments into their application in a streamlined and repeatable way.

We have built our API to help:

  • Make it easier for issuers to get their private placement or other alternative asset products in front of a larger audience of potential investors
  • Allow technology providers to quickly and easily add private market investing capabilities to their applications
  • Help investors identify and track investment opportunities in the private markets across providers running on Syndicately
  • Provide data and analytics on the private markets

The Syndicately API automates investor onboarding, KYC, document signing, SPV banking, and deal management. Think of us as your back-office allowing builders and entrepreneurs to focus on building the investing experiences and platforms that their users will love.

Our API can trigger the creation of KYC’d investor profiles, spin up SPV entities with bank accounts, get subscription docs signed and tracked, and close an investment with a fully managed cap table.

We can handle the back office for real estate investing platforms, venture/syndicate platforms, and RIAs and Wealth Managers looking to bring private deals into their technology stack.

If you are builder looking to streamline and simplify private and alternative asset investing on your platform, reach out, we would love to hear from you and learn more about what you are building and how we might be able to support.