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Prospect LPs without going out of pocket. Our platform allows investment managers to create landing pages for their deals and reach their network of potential investors. And the best part? You can register for an account and set up your free deal page today.


Why Choose Syndicately?

Customizable Deal Page

Showcase your investment opportunity in a professional manner

Wider Network Reach

Prospect for interest from your own network and increase the visibility of your investment opportunities

Time and Resource Savings

Conserve resources by streamlining your investment prospecting process


Frequently asked questions

  • What is a deal page?

    A deal page is a feature on our platform that allows investment managers to create a landing page for a deal and reach out to their network to prospect for interest from potential investors.

  • Is it free to create a deal page?

    Yes, creating a deal page on our platform is free. You only need to register for an account.

  • Can I personalize my deal page to highlight my investment opportunity?

    Yes, our platform offers you the tools to personalize your deal page so you can showcase your investment opportunity in a professional and eye-catching manner. This includes options for specifying your target close date, SPV target value, investment type, investment minimum, investment maximum, SPV management fee, and SPV manager carry.

  • Who can see my deal page?

    Your deal page is visible to anyone who has the link + registered for an account. You can share the link with your network to prospect for interest.

  • How can I reach more potential investors?

    You can share your deal page link with your network and use the platform's tools to distribute information and updates amongst co-investors, founders, and portfolio companies.

  • Is Syndicately trusted by VC's, Family Offices, & Angel Investors?

    Yes, Syndicately is trusted by a variety of professional investors, including VC's, Family Offices, and Angel Investors.

  • How can I get started with Syndicately?

    You can get started with Syndicately by registering for an account and creating your free deal page.

  • Is there a demo available?

    Yes! Make sure to book a demo with us. During the demo, you'll get to see the platform in action and understand how it can revolutionize your investment experience.

  • Is there a cost to use Syndicately's services?

    No upfront costs, only pay when you've had a successful raise!

    Our fee structure is 1% of gross capital raised ($2,500 min, $10,000 max per SPV), charged at close, and $500/investor/distribution (capped at $5,000 max per SPV) charged at distribution time.

    For example, if you raised $1 million or $10 million from ten investors, you would owe $10,000 (1% of the raise) and $5,000 (investor distribution fee), for a total of $15,000. Upgrade your investment experience by opting for our custom portal for only $100/mo. Sign up now and simplify your investment process.

    For even more brand visibility, upgrade to our custom portal for just $100/mo.

    Get started now and streamline your investment process.


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