Syndicately - Rails for Investing

by Ross Andrews

It's astounding how easy it is to start a company in the modern era.  

The tailwinds of change are present in every industry—COVID has transformed telecommuting, telehealth, tele-everything. Founders can access talent globally, build applications on top of the cloud, and turn a business on practically overnight. Life is great!

But when companies begin to fundraise, the cracks start to appear. While access to funding sources has never been better, getting through the financing process is just as painful today as it was years ago.

While rules and financial systems are well established, the business process has not evolved to meet them. Startups have to juggle legal and accounting professionals and a group of investors slinging Google/Word docs around. One tiny change means a cascade of emails, all with links and attachments. Close dates inevitably wind up post-forecasted date. And then there's the myriad unforeseen events that always happen post-close—a new financing requiring everyone to sign more docs, distribution tax forms sent to the wrong address.

Many entrepreneurs have tried to use project management software, CRMs, and other tools to manage the fundraising process, but in the end, they fall short. The complexity of financings has increased with the number of relevant parties growing into the dozens, and the closing drags. It's an inefficient process. Startups want to focus on their projects and leverage expertise from more funders, and funders have access to more opportunities. But as it stands, this is not scaling.

Today's startups need a closing agent for financing. Syndicately is exactly that.

Startups, equity, and funders have decades of patterns of best practices. Just like a CRM encourages best practices, a closing agency helps drive a financing to closing. They take care of the hard parts of turning documents around, with efficient purpose-built tools and high levels of security and privacy (for those who want it).

Syndicately will help you track a deal from emerging to closing, and then handle the lifespan of the investment.

Nowadays, there's an emerging category of dealmakers who want a faster way to put funding together. They create special purpose vehicles and subscription funds to allow for a larger say in a company. This is a significant plus to fueling innovation, as companies get access to more funding and potential funders can appear more like an institutional investor. It also allows companies a better platform to leverage their investor base by allowing them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on building.

Syndicately drives a fast, efficient close, with precision on the key business terms of a financing, allowing investors to move more quickly and companies to get back to work on what matters.

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